Geisel Advocacy for Patients
eliminating the GAP between patients and providers




Geisel Advocacy for Patients, based in Northern Virginia, offers support services throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to individuals with medical concerns and their family members or other caregivers. The aim is to ensure that the patient or the person a patient designates understands the diagnosis, treatment options and the questions to ask so informed decisions can be made. Additionally, Geisel Advocacy for Patients strives to promote understanding of the health care system and medical specialties in order to make appropriate care accessible. I am open to patients needing the services listed below, many of which can be provided throughout the United States via telephone and technology.

My personal experience, including caring for loved ones, spans mental health; geriatric medicine; chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma; and cancer.

Following is a list of services provided by Geisel Advocacy for Patients:

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Research diagnoses, medications, treatment options and providers.

Facilitate shared decision-making among individuals and their families or other significant parties.

Help patients gain comfort in communicating with and directing questions to health care providers.

Coordinate care so every provider treating a patient has all the medical information.

Attend medical appointments when requested, necessary and appropriate.

Assist and monitor patients during hospital stays to ensure all needs are met and necessary information flows between providers and family or other people designated by the patient.

Fees and Process

The initial free 15-minute conversation will determine whether the services you are looking for match with the philosophy and services of Geisel Advocacy for Patients.

If we make a mutual decision to work together, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the medical situation so that Geisel Advocacy for Patients can build a care plan. That plan will detail the services that will be provided to meet your needs and how information will be shared among all parties involved.


The initial meeting, whether in person or via telephone or an online audiovisual service, and the written care plan, are billed together for a total of $150. Services detailed in the care plan will be billed at an hourly rate ranging from $75-$90.

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