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eliminating the GAP between patients and providers
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eliminating the gap between patients and providers

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eliminating the GAP between patients and providers

Geisel Advocacy for Patients LLC, offers support services to individuals with medical concerns, and their family members or other caregivers. We do this as independent advocates, accountable to no one other than the patient or a person designated by the patient. Whether you are living with a chronic illness or a sudden catastrophic illness, Geisel Advocacy for Patients can help reduce the stress, frustration and wheel-spinning along your health care journey.  The aim is to ensure that the patient and those the patient designates understand the diagnosis, treatment options and the questions to ask so informed decisions can be made. Additionally, Geisel Advocacy for Patients strives to promote understanding of the health care system and medical specialties in order to make appropriate care accessible.

Based in Northern Virginia, our primary area of service is the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. However, some services can be provided throughout the United States via telephone and technology. We are open to patients needing any of the services we provide.

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Contact us today so that we can begin to eliminate the gap between you and your providers. Call 703-534-4030 for a free 15-minute consultation or, if you prefer, complete the online form and we will contact you during business hours.

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A Personal Note from Roseanne

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Nothing is more rewarding to me than having someone tell me I have listened and made them feel understood and validated. I find great joy in showing people compassion and respect. I believe that it is a privilege to help others, and I am honored when someone puts trust in me. I was raised to reach out to people. I am a communicator and a connector. These elements of my personality were key in my journalism career, and still are assets in my roles as wife, mother, friend and member of a large extended family.

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Those traits also are the reason I became a board certified patient advocate. It comes naturally to me. Let me extend a hand to you or your loved ones who face challenging health care issues. I will be your strong advocate.